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"Rhythm is something living, it's the basis of our health."

Rudolf Steiner


The warmth of heart that culture in general and anthroposophical culture in particular offers us, together with the uplifting forces of nature that prevail on Lanzarote, promote mental, psychic and spiritual stimulation and bring forth new life impulses.

At the Anthroposophical Centre we accompany processes in harmony with "human" development in a society that is becoming increasingly dehumanised and "mechanising" people. In this way the centre creates a counterbalance to today's exaggerated technological development, which is given priority over a path to the development of soul and spirit, which are the essential foundation of a healthy, empathetic and harmonious society.

The local activities are developed taking into account the daily rhythm of expansion and contraction, in which the being "breathes" and thus acquires regenerative powers, as well as the annual rhythm from an organic and anthroposophical point of view. Thus the activities go hand in hand with the different seasons - summer, autumn, winter, spring, as well as with the celebrations.

The annual rhythm leads us from the ability to act individually in search of our spirituality, to encountering the other in a space of love, respect and freedom.


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