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Main hall of the Apartamentos Tamarindos

50 square metres
with a maximum capacity of 25-30 people.

This room cannot be rented for groups in seasons 2 and 3, as we hold most of our own events, seminars, concerts etc. in this room.

It is exclusively offered to large groups for their retreats or seminars in season 1 (summer) and who stay in the Apartamentos Tamarindos or on the Finca Lomos Altos. For large groups the room rental is included in the price of the overnight stay.

Atelier Room Apartamentos Tamarindos 

20 square meters
with a maximum capacity of 10 -14 persons.

40 € per day room rental
50 € per day rent with extras *
*Flipchart, screen and projector.

Group conditions:

Price per night at the Finca Lomos Altos or in the Apartamentos Tamarindos.

Prices valid price list season 2 or 3:

10% discount for 7-10 persons

15% discount for 11-15 persons

20% discount from 16 persons

Prices valid price list season 1

10% discount for 5-10 persons (min. 3 apartments

20% from 11 persons (min. 6 apartments)

From 11 persons in season 1 the room rent is incl.

For further information please contact the reservation department.


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