If you would like to book a treatment package, please send us an email. We will inform you whether the desired treatment package can be carried out during the COVID 19 pandemic as described.

Our therapies can be grouped into specific and personal treatments.

Firstly, there is a medical consultation, where the situation and the objectives of the treatment are analysed, as well as the steps to be followed.
A package of accommodation, food and therapies will be made, which carries a special discount.


Ready-made packages for treatments:


Sonnenuntergang Tinajo.jpg


Just as the island of Lanzarote is separated from the mainland, you can also separate yourself from everyday life here.


Vitality and Health

Treatment Revitalization

Activating the body's self-healing powers, maintaining health and preventing premature aging.



Illness or exhaustion as a possibility!

To strengthen the forces of life so that the individuality connects with the forces of the soul and the physical body, provoking healing not only in the field of the physical body, but also in the soul and the spirit.



Tretament of Eczema. We work with the native plant Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum with the healing powers of Lanzarote


Joint pain

and musculoskeletal problems

Do the joints pain? Treatment of the joints and musculoskeletal system strengthens and provides greater safety when walking and standing.



Relaxing Experience. A wide variety of massages and sensory experiences.

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