If you would like to book a treatment package, please send us an email. We will inform you whether the desired treatment package can be carried out during the COVID 19 pandemic as described.

The Rhythms of Life - Illness or exhaustion as a possibility

With the Biographical Work, we approach what is unexpectedly reflected in life, and thus discover in what way and with what purpose our destiny assigns us the responsibility of taking charge of elaborating our own life to develop the Mission..., the authentic meaning of existence.

Illnesses contain a deep meaning, discovering it, can contribute to overcome them.

To strengthen the forces of life so that the individuality connects with the forces of the soul and the physical body, provoking healing not only in the field of the physical body, but also in the soul and the spirit.

hygienic or in case of illness

From 2-4 weeks, the recommended duration is 3 weeks.

Our weekly economic proposal includes:

  • A Medical Consultation

  • Two Biographical Work consultations

  • Two sessions of Heileurythmie

  • Two Art Therapy sessions

  • 34° therapeutic pool (including bathrobe) daily use

  • Two-room apartment at the Biodynamic Farm or at the Tamarindos Apartments/ only accommodation



*1 person 803 €/ week - season 1 and 2 in season 3 - 840 € / week
*2 people 1367 € / week - season 1 and 2, in season 3 - 1437 € / week

*Extra charge for treatments during the Christmas and Easter season  
18-12-19 to 10-01-20 / 03-04-20 to 19-04-20 / 18-12-20 to 10-01-21
One person per week: 35 €
Two people per week: 700 €

Surcharge for breakfast:
Breakfast per person per week: 79 €

* Offer subject to change, in which case, substitution by equivalent reserved services. Unused services expire without refund.

Prices include VAT / IGIC

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