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The therapy house in the Tamarindos Apartments of the Anthroposophical Centre offers comprehensive medical treatments and a wide range of therapies for numerous illnesses. Cures are offered as varied cure packages that include therapeutic focuses and can be personalised in consultation with you.

The healing powers of the volcanic island have inspired our team to develop a varied programme that harmonises the work of doctors and therapists with this natural environment. These include eurythmy therapy, eurythmy, art therapy, rhythmic embrocations and rhythmic massages, Pressel massages, oil dispersion baths with and without brushes, baths with extracts of the local midday flower, salt-earth treatments, volcanic earth packs and Lomi-Lomi massages as well as classic massages, foot reflexology massages and lymphatic massages. Aspects of your own life can be helpfully illuminated in the context of biography work and biography counselling as well as in psychotherapeutic conversations.
The programmes can vary.


You can visit the therapy house during your holiday or as part of a cure at the Centro. Persons suffering from rheumatism and arthrosis, chronic skin diseases, exhaustion, burn-out, chronic respiratory diseases and convalescents can find relief here and find new ways to recharge their energies.

In addition to consultations and treatments, the therapy house also offers artistic courses in the painting studio. These can be found at the cultural program of the Centro.


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