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The Center's therapy house offers comprehensive medical treatments and a wide range of therapies for all diseases; cures, specific "health weeks" and more are also offered by the anthroposophical doctor and his team.


In the mid-1990s, a residential building located directly next to the Centro apartment complex was acquired and converted into a therapy house. Today, two medical doctors (a medical doctor for internal medicine, a family doctor, an anthroposophical doctor as well as a doctor for child and youth psychiatry, psychotherapy for adults and biographical counselling), two receptionists, an eurythmy therapist, a rhythmic massage therapist, two physiotherapists, a classical masseur and an art therapist work here.

The healing powers of the volcanic island have inspired our team to develop a diverse range of services that bring medical and therapeutic work in harmony with this nature. You can visit the therapy house during your holidays or as part of a cure at the Centro. People with rheumatic and arthrosis diseases, chronic skin diseases, states of exhaustion, burn-out, neurological diseases, chronic diseases of the respiratory tract experience relief here and find new ways, and after serious diseases or operations people find their strength again.

In addition to consultations and treatments, the therapy house also offers artistic courses in the painting studio. These can be found at the cultural program of the Centro.

During COVID-19, the range of therapies is still somewhat reduced.

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