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Lanzarote: Encounter spectacular nature and culture: Experience the unique volcanic landscape of Lanzarote, the artistic heritage of César Manrique and the special power of the natural elements of this small Canary Island.

At the Anthroposophical Centre Lanzarote, on the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen, and on the Finca Lomos Altos, the non-profit foundation offers places for sustainable tourism, a wide range of artistic courses, cultural events and therapies.


Wellness Oasis:

Give yourself the gift of time

to relax!

A calm atmosphere awaits you in the "Apartamentos Tamarindos" in the Centro on the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen. In two outdoor pools and a therapeutic warm water pool, immerse yourself in the peace and strength that radiates from this place, and enjoy our wide range of treatments in the therapy house. An experienced doctor and a team of therapists will be happy to guide you. They offer individual treatments to help you recover from illness or to strengthen your general health.
You can shop in the small organic grocery store every day and enjoy food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere in our restaurant.


Natural Paradise:

Experience the powers of the four elements!

The "Finca Lomos Altos" with 17 holiday accommodations, surrounded by biodynamic agriculture, is a real paradise. Children can play here undisturbed, while the adults find their way back to the essence of childhood: Living in the present! An ideal holiday destination for people who are looking for peace and quiet and want to experience the power of the elements, the flora and fauna of the wild volcanic landscape.


Meeting Place:
Enjoy the cultural variety!

During the week and especially on weekends we offer a rich cultural programme: Concerts, seminars, communal singing, eurythmy, excursions and walks around the island, art courses such as painting or modelling and much more. There are also various creative activities for children and the whole family, such as drawing with volcanic sand, painting with cochineal, origami, harvesting fruits and vegetables - experiencing the volcanic earth of this place. We organise bonfires and sometimes we are visited by storytellers or there can be an activity of making music with self-made instruments, etc. During the school holidays we often organise theme camps based on Waldorf education.
Check our calendar of activities or ask us directly!

Long-Term Stays:

Would you like to escape the damp and uncomfortable autumn/winter or the sultry summer heat of the mainland?
... To enjoy a "winter" with temperatures around 20°C and lots of sunshine in our healthy climate?

Here you can enjoy the silence of the sea breeze, long "siestas", pleasant conversations with like-minded people, classical music concerts, artistic activities, natural activities such as gardening, essence making, walks by the sea, hiking through the volcanoes. We don't want the holiday to be distracted by noise and consumerism, but an active process of finding oneself, with others and above all with nature ... with life itself ...

Discounts for longer stays
Special offer for stays of 13 weeks or more

Special Offers for Families:

Our children enjoy artistic activities, stories, theatre, singing, modelling, watercolour painting, drawing with sand from the island, working in the garden... Television and video games, have a negative influence on child's development, we help them to connect with themselves, with the game, with nature, with life itself ... Without noticing it, adults easily forget the essence of childhood, the pleasure of the aroma of the sea, the taste of a fresh fruit, a story, the amazement of watching an ant with a leaf, a lizard climbing the wall - little things in the adult world that are treasures for the child, that will be remembered all his life ...

Therapy Package Offers:

Treatment packages for fatigue, burnout, joint pain and other illnesses.
You can enjoy our therapies grouped together in treatment packages. We have developed a series of complementary treatments.
At the beginning of the therapy there is a consultation with the patient, in which we examine together the concerns and healing goals and the "healing programme" can also be adapted to the individual circumstances.
With the complete package with accommodation and therapies, you will enjoy a discount compared to individual bookings.
Treatment packages


Groups - Seminars, Workshops and Conferences:

At the Centro Antroposófico you can organise and conduct the kind of retreat you need.
We have the ideal spaces to wake up and connect with the inner calm, the essence, the soul and to understand the mission in this life...
We adapt to your needs.

Further information


Environmental awareness are the foundation of our Centro:

Ecological awareness as well as social responsibility accompanies our daily life in the Tamarindos Apartments, the Casa Terapia and of course in the Lomos Altos biodynamic finca, trying every day to get a little closer to environmental sustainability, seeking to have the least possible environmental impact. Our undertakings represent a new form of business and economy that prioritizes personal development and care for the planet.

This includes, among other things, the almost exclusive use of organic cleaning and hygiene products, preferably food from certified organic companies or from our own biodynamic farming, as well as the supply of osmosis water from our own production for our drinking water supply.
More information about sustainable holidays

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