Floating at 34 degrees in a hot therapeutic bath

Enjoy the pleasant warmth of our therapeutic indoor pool


 Temperature between 32° and 34°, water pressure, buoyancy and the enormous density due to salt, these factors together manifest themselves in a highly positive way on the well-being of the body.
Our therapeutic indoor pool is designed to reduce pain, especially for patients with rheumatism and osteoarthritis, in cases of rehabilitation after orthopaedic operations, but also to relax in cases of exhaustion.
It is not only people with arthrosis or exhaustion who use our small indoor pool, for many it is also a quiet place to relax, activate the lymph flow and soothe the skin.
If needed, we offer individual therapy with our physiotherapist.

Water is the ideal element to effectively combine physiotherapy, integral muscle development and cardiovascular training. Thanks to its buoyancy, we only notice a minimal part of the body weight, thus creating a different mobility.


People with circulatory problems, after having suffered a thrombosis, stroke or heart attack should visit our doctor before bathing to consult about how the bath should be carried out (duration and intensity), if not, it is not possible to access the facilities.

Electrolysis saltwater facilities work in a similar way to the marine ecosystem. Thanks to the addition of sea salt to the pool water and the slight electrical flow inside the electrolyte cell, a sodium hypochlorite is produced, and this carries out an almost complete disinfection of the pool water so that no more chlorine products need to be added.



  • Although it contains sea salt, it is not a saltwater bath. Sea salt serves to keep the water clean   without adding chemicals.

  • The maximum recommended length of stay is 20 minutes.

  • It is open all year round from 8 am to 20 pm