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Hall in the Finca Lomos Altos

Celebrate the most beautiful moments of life at Finca Lomos Altos.


The seclusion and dreamlike silence, the panoramic views over the countryside to the wide sea combined with the relaxed distributed living facilities and a large hall, make Finca Lomos Altos the ideal place for special celebrations and events with groups - be it weddings, 'round' birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Our team will gladly take over the complete organisation.

Size: 80 square meters with a maximum capacity of 25 people

  • 60 € per day for the room rental

  • 70 € per day rent with extras *

  • *Flipchart, screen and beamer.

Group conditions: 

Price per night at the Finca Lomos Altos or in the Apartamentos Tamarindos.

Season 2 or 3:

10% discount for 7-10 persons

15% discount for 11-15 persons

20% discount from 16 persons

Season 1:

10% discount for 5-10 persons (min. 3 apartments

20% from 11 persons (min. 6 apartments)

From 11 persons in season 1 the room rent is incl.


You will find our accommodation with seasonal rates in the following links: Apartamentos Tamarindos or Finca Lomos Altos.

For further information please contact the reservation department.

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