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Where is my life going to lead me ?
What does my fate have in store for me ?
What does my illness mean to me ?


Such are the questions biography counselling is trying to approach. What we focus on is our own future, not so much traumas from early stages of life as are dealt with in psychotherapy.

Where does my life mean to lead me?  Every day of our life we may perceive in our soul a twinkle of our future. Concentrating on this view will help us on.  Or we might realize in the aftermath the sense of unfortunate happenings. For instance they might show themselves to spark impulses on the way of our inner development.  Impulses we can recognize so only because we stumbled then.

In biography counselling we may have a look at our lives with changing therapists and their methodical focusses. This is different from psychotherapy, where we aim at surmounting our traumas by living through them with one psychotherapist only. For example our biography counsellors may help us to feel more strongly about:

  • ancient wisdom from very early stages of the development of our soul.

  • myths and fairy tales which may touch us so that we can hardly express our feeling in words.

  • the beauty and purity of the stars and sun planets when we look at them.

  • the hurdles we could not master in our life so far. They may announce themselves in ways we need to realize, because they will of course present themselves in ways corresponding to the conditions of our our present age group and life conditions. We may recognize them mirroring themselves at developmental stages in our life. This recognition will help us to master the hurdle this time.

This need not be achieved with one counsellor only. Varying therapeutic methods will help us to be touched by whatever we correspond to.

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