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Curative Eurythmy

Curative Eurythmy therapy is the "therapeutic sister" of eurythmy. It is a movement therapy of anthroposophic medicine.

Our organism is a wise consonance in its functions, the living, the spiritual. When we are sick, something comes out of this healthy harmony. Through certain movements and movements, which are also based on linguistic and musical laws, one can connect to the healing forces in us, stimulate them and thus lead to healing processes in body and soul.

Depending on the disease situation, these are very different movements and movement sequences that the curative eurythmy therapist performs together with the patient. Sometimes small tasks are given, which can be practiced until the next lesson to strengthen the effect in the organism.

Here, too, there are no prerequisites for having to be able to "do something" first.

Afterwards a rest should be kept, in order to let the happening appear.

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