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Holidays with sun, breeze and sea...

The sun and the warmth make Lanzarote an ideal place for those looking for disconnection, recovery or simply rest at any time of the year. Due to the cool trade winds, summer temperatures very eventually rise above 32° C and in the winter months due to the high position of the sun (28° latitude), we have around 20° C.  You can even enjoy swimming in the sea.

In February/March, the wild herbs bloom and flourish almost to the top of the volcanic mountains, transforming the island into a real oasis. The climate in summer is pleasantly mild, ideal for people who cannot tolerate heat, making it ideal for people with heart and circulation problems.

The Atlantic Ocean Current, the so-called Canary Current and the north-eastern trade winds provide cooling at night and therefore a peaceful and restful sleep. In contrast to the mainland, Lanzarote will only get an average of 26 ° C in midsummer (July / August).

The apartment complex is located only 800 m from golden sand beaches, the beaches of Puerto del Carmen... are wide, flat and very suitable for children, as well as its rocky mounds, ideal space for jumping, splashing in its puddles, watching snails, limpets, crabs, and a huge variety of sea animals... a whole world for the little ones to explore. Given its proximity, it can be reached by foot in about 20 minutes.

You can simply go on holiday and visit the island, or participate in our proposed activities that you can find in the tab "cultural activities" as well as those proposed by the Casa Terapia with its medical and therapeutic offer.


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