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Biodynamic agriculture

The agricultural work is done in accordance with the cosmic energies that create and sustain life. It uses organic fertilizers produced in a way that respects the health of the earth and plants and ensures healthy nutrition for animals and humans.
The objectives of biodynamic agriculture include the restoration of soil quality, the "harmony" of ecosystems and biodiversity, and the recycling and exclusion of chemical products. To this end, the finca sees itself as a living organism in which all the beings that integrate it are interrelated.
It is based on the use of certain plant, animal and mineral substances that are exposed to certain natural rhythms. These form the biodynamic preparations and the observance of cosmic rhythms for the agricultural work according to the biodynamic calendar.

It is a way of observing the energies of the cosmos, on which we recover our intuition and sensitivity.

Further information on biodynamic agriculture can be found on the website of Demeter e.V.:

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