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"I would like to draw the harmony from the earth, in order to unite it with my feeling for art"
Cesár Manrique


Our varied programme of cultural activities is intended to complement the invigorating natural forces of Lanzarote and stimulate creative thought and activity. It includes Eurythmy, Painting and drawing, Modelling, Lectures and discussions, Seminars, Workshops, Concerts and artistic performences and much more

The habitual experience of the course of the year can change through conscious observation of nature; contrasting nature processes to our home  environment will help us to perceive and appreciate our surroundings. Celebrating the annual festivals together can increase our awareness of this.

Excursions, courses and exhibitions supplement the variety of offers and events, so that everyone can find "their way": thus meeting, and stimulating one´s individual resources for renewal in the midst of the magnificent natural forces of Lanzarote!

The current cultural programme can be found under the following link.

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