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The Finca Lomos Altos covers a total area of approximately 3 hectares, is located on a small hill at 150 m above sea level and about 3 km from the beach and the Tamarindos Apartments, with a magical view of the volcanic chain in the west, the sea and the islands of the south, Lobos and Fuerteventura.

On the island of Lanzarote practically all the land has been covered with rofe or picón, a lapilli made up of pyroclastic fragments of volcanic origin, which helps to maintain the humidity of the land as well as absorb environmental humidity and is also used to control adventitious weeds.

At the moment in the property there is a surface of about 5500m2 dedicated to the culture of olive trees that soon will be producing olives; 1500m2 of land for the culture of different vegetables in which also they grow flowers, aromatic plants and cereals, with a zone of 200 m2 in which there is projected soon the construction of a conservatory.

We also have an area of 2300m2 in which vines are grown, 500m2 with orange, lemon and guava trees, 160 m2 for aromatic and medicinal plants and 150 m2 with Aloe Vera plants.

We have started with the cultivation of passion fruit, pitaya and papaya, fruits that are given very well on the island.
In the rest of the land we find different areas with native plants, cactus, crass plants, false peppers, mimosas and acacias.

But we do not only cultivate with BIODYNAMIC FARMING, we also have TOURIST APARTMENTS where you can stay in a single room, studio or one and two bedroom apartment.

Traffic and noise are not part of this bucolic landscape, where one can retreat, relax in peace and quiet away from the daily stress that approaches us every day

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