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Sustainable holidays
A sunny holiday far from home is good for you, but if it is sustainable, it is better.

Ecological awareness as well as social responsibility accompany us day after day, both in the Tamarindos Apartments as well as in the Therapy House and of course on the biodynamic Finca Lomos Altos. Every day we try to get a little bit closer to ecological sustainability and to minimize the environmental impact accordingly.

This includes the almost exclusive use of cleaning and hygiene products from ecologically certified companies, as well as the free offer of self-produced osmosis water for drinking water supply. Our laundry is transported in textile bags and not in plastic bags and we make it easier for our guests to separate their waste in the facilities through various advertised waste bins. Printing at the Centro is done exclusively on recycled paper.

The location and infrastructure of the Apartamentos Tamarindos make it unnecessary to rent a car on site. Shopping facilities and the beach are within walking distance and the next bus stop is about 400 meters away. The small organic food shop integrated in our complex offers organic and local products for self-catering.

Our Café-Bistro Tamarindos uses mostly fresh and seasonal products, which reduces the consumption of plastic packaging. So you will always get bread in the morning from our island organic baker "AndiBrot". Unfortunately, due to the special characteristics of our island, we cannot offer purely organic or biodynamic food.

Since this year the Anthroposophical Centre strives to become a member of the association of companies for the benefit of the Biosphere Reserve and Ecotourism on Lanzarote.

To make your holiday more sustainable, you can also become active yourself and, for example, at Atmosfair: you can calculate your CO2 consumption of your flight online and offset it with a donation to a climate protection project.

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