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We work with the native plant Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum with the healing powers of Lanzarote


Recommended duration 2-4 weeks

Our proposal:

Therapeutic conversation (60 minutes)                                   1 x in the first week
Therapeutic conversation (30 minutes)                                   1 x in the following weeks

Biography counselling                                                                        1 x per week

Curative eurythmy                                                                                1x per week

Art therapy                                                                                                 1x per week

Medical bath                                                                                              3x per week

Overnight stay in a one-bedroom apartment                           7 nights

Therapeutic indoor swimming pool (incl. bathrobe)              Daily

Basic cure price (overnight stay + therapy), including all services listed above:
1 person:     893,00 € / 1st week         833,00 € / each following week

Surcharge for cure in season 3 (Easter and Christmas):
1 person     42,00 € / per week

Offer subject to change, in which case, substitution by equivalent reserved services. Unused services expire without refund.

Prices valid from 1th January 2023. Prices include VAT / IGIC


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