Vitality and Health

The body naturally has self-regulatory mechanisms. Revitalization means activating the body's self-healing powers, maintaining health and preventing premature aging.

Our proposal per week:

  • One medical consultation

  • A session of Physiotherapy

  • A treatment with sea salt, a volcanic earth mask and a massage

  • Two Rhythmic Massages

  • Three vitalizing drinks

  • 34° therapeutic pool (including bathrobe) daily use

  • One-bedroom apartment at the Tamarindos Apartments or at the Biodynamic Finca for 7 nights on a self-catering basis.



*One person: 663.00 €/ week
*Two people: 1,088.00 €/ week

*Extra charge for treatments during the Christmas and Easter season  
03-04-20 to 19-04-20 / 18-12-20 to 10-01-21
One person per week: 35 €
Two persons per week: 70 €

Surcharge for breakfast:
Breakfast per person per week: 79 €

* Offer subject to change, in which case, substitution by equivalent reserved services. Unused services expire without refund.

Prices include VAT / IGIC


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