If you would like to book a treatment package, please send us an email. We will inform you whether the desired treatment package can be carried out during the COVID 19 pandemic as described.



Vitality and Health

The body naturally has self-regulatory mechanisms. Revitalization means activating the body's self-healing powers, maintaining health and preventing premature aging.

Our proposal per week:

  • One medical consultation

  • A session of honey massage

  • A treatment with sea salt, a volcanic earth mask and a massage

  • A session of Lomi-Lomi massage

  • Three vitalizing drinks

  • 34° therapeutic pool (including bathrobe) daily use

  • One-bedroom apartment at the Tamarindos Apartments or at the Biodynamic Finca for 7 nights on a self-catering basis.



*One person: 663.00 €/ week
*Two people: 1,088.00 €/ week

*Extra charge for treatments during the Christmas and Easter season: 
One person per week: 35 €
Two persons per week: 70 €

* Offer subject to change, in which case, substitution by equivalent reserved services. Unused services expire without refund.

Prices include VAT / IGIC