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"On a dark and beautiful night
has awakened a star
it looks bright in the sky
gives its light to the whole world
On a dark and beautiful night
has awakened a star"

"How calm the night is, the night is
when the bells ring, the bells
din-don, din-don, din-don.


During Advent we prepare for the arrival of winter. Advent is a time of waiting when the earth darkens and we gather under the glow of our inner light until spring returns and with it the resurgence of nature. This warmth of our light, with which we also accompany the child in its development, makes the cold and darkness that reigns on earth in the coldest season of the year more bearable.

During the celebration of the Advent spiral, each child passes through a spiral that was previously armed on the ground with twigs and moss. In the middle of the spiral is a candle and listening to the carols, the children walk towards it to light their own candle, which they then place in the place marked by a star, which they are allowed to keep in return. The large candle in the center is the Christmas light, which gives light to the children as a symbol of their growth and development. At first everything is dark, but little by little the children leave their light and create a glorious spiral. Later, this spiral will be contemplated and internalized for a while.

For several weeks now, the children have been setting off for Christmas Day with all the preparations. In Waldorf education we believe that this path helps to bring about a birth on Christmas Day, with all that the term "birth" implies.

In the classroom there has been talk of respect, understanding, help, patience, silence, peace and above all Love. We have also told stories about the importance of all the kingdoms of nature. The mischievous blue dwarfs, the Christmas elves and also the reindeer that fill us with fantasy have reached our hearts. Of course, the music, the carols and the candles on our Advent wreath that announce when Christmas will come have brightened up our little house and illuminated it. And Mary is slowly approaching the portal of Bethlehem.

Shortly before Christmas we celebrated our Christmas feast with a market in our little Waldorf school. A celebration of warmth and companionship with food and drink, La Pastorela de Navidad which is the represantation of the Christmas story, carols and stands with toys lovingly made by parents and teachers and books.
All people, big and small, are cordially invited to celebrate the arrival of Christmas in the "Casita de Luz".

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