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This celebration is not very well known in Spain, but it is part of the rhythm of the year in Waldorf schools. That is why when the autumn equinox arrives, the celebration of Michael takes place. The character in which this celebration is inspired is the archangel Michael, known as the victor of the dragon, in the celebration his qualities of courage, initiative, bravery and constancy are used through different challenges or activities to be achieved during the day of celebration.

At this time of the year, autumn, the light decreases every day. The struggle of light with darkness needs all our strength.

During the day of celebration there are usually activities and games where depending on the age they can test all these values, activities of physical overcoming, they are mounted a kind of circuit, where they have to climb, overcome obstacles,... that end with the symbolic victory of a fabric dragon located at the end of the route.

The song that accompanies this festivity par excellence is:

"When I grow up, when I grow up, I'll be as big as the world, I'll be a knight and a hero too.
I will be strong, I will be strong, as strong as a bull, I will defeat in the forest, the evil dragon.
And the earth, the moon and the stars will be mine, and the hero's will also be the great sun."

and the Story:
 The biggest flower in the world (José Saramago-Nobel Prize for Literature), which works with both children and adults, not only in narrative but also through art.

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