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The Easter season is a preparation for the change of season that takes place on Earth with the arrival of spring.


After the cold and darkness of winter, nature is resurrected; the light returns, buds appear on the trees, flowers are present as a symbol of new life, birds incubate nests full of eggs, the first birds are born, in places where small rabbits and hares live, we can see them nibbling on the tender green grass. One of the main reasons why Easter is symbolized in many countries with eggs, chicks, rabbits and flowers, is because of this gift of nature.
This image of the rebirth of the world, we can also see it as a reflection of our own potential for inner transformation.

We celebrate with stories about the Easter hare, ending with a search (for the children) for the bowl with chocolate eggs that the "Little White Hare" leaves them as a gift... Later, as a family, together with the guests who wish to participate, a "Great search for the Golden Eggs" is carried out.

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