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"If the feast of Pentecost - which is first and foremost a feast of flowers - were to be felt in the heart in an appropriate way, then it is human beings who would go out and go to all the places where flowers bloom, flowers open up to the solar influence, they open up by receiving the love of the cosmos..."
Rudolf Steiner

We celebrate Pentecost as a community festival together with all the families of the little Waldorf school and guests in the open air, and as with all annual celebrations, we try not to explain the meaning of the festivals to the preschool children, but to symbolize them, to imbue the child with images. The white doves that we release and let fly, the food that is shared with everyone, the white clothes that we all wear and that make us see as a group in which the importance of the individual takes second place, the chorus with the children and a song about flying, going out and then coming home to the circle of the community. All this allows the children to experience the festival with all their senses and to interiorize it, so that later they can better understand the meaning of Pentecost.

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