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What is Infinity? - The Lemniscate and the Möbius Strip

17. - 19.03.2022

Three-day workshop with Annegret von Pusch

Modelling Forms in Movement - The Lemniscate and the Möbius Strip Dynamic Drawing and Clay Modelling

Motion becomes visible as we follow the forces that form and shape. We let our experience of motion flow as it grows into form. We feel the space around us coming alive: Discover what is inside and what is outside and the constant exchange between the two. The Lemniscate and Moebius' Strip show us this principle of motion changing into form. We find it again in living nature - there are infinite variations.

Next Seminar dates:

16. - 18.06.2022

11. - 13.08.2022

17. - 19.11.2022

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