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The vitality of Light

Painting with vegetable colours and earth pigments

with Annegret von Pusch (Anthroposophical art therapist)

Weekly course - Every Monday from 5pm to 7pm

For millennia, the colours of plants have been part of the cultural heritage of mankind. The plant world itself arises from the forces of the earth and the cosmos, from darkness and light. With great richness, the colors are formed by the light of the sun. Knowing vegetables and with care, lasting colours can be obtained from all parts of plants: from flowers, leaves, barks, woods, fruits, resins and roots. Such colours come from the living plant organism and are therefore full of life, light and solar energy. Their essence refreshes the human eye and stimulates the active perception of even the finest colour nuances. The colours of the plants used are mainly of: Gutti and Reseda resin (yellow), indigo (blue bush), angrier root (orange to crimson), alkane root (violet), redwood (purple), blue wood (black) All the colours show the diversity and vividness of the plant world. In the best way, the whole spectrum of colours oscillates to the complementary colour, almost without the viewer noticing it. But it is precisely this that makes the colours of plants so harmonious and stimulating for all our life forces, in addition to the joy of painting.


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