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Group eurythmy

From 1st November 2021, group eurythmy will be back in the programme once a week.

Eurythmy is a movement art. Language or music - or individual elements of it - are put into motion. The laws of language and music also live in our organism, which is why we can express language and music with our bodies in movements. In this activity, we not only experience language and music, but also ourselves as practitioners. How do I experience myself in my own form when I stand straight up ? How do I experience the front room differently than the back room in which I move? Eurythmy is not a therapy, although it has something healthy in it. It takes place here in the Centro in the hall in a group with other people. So it is also a social event: How do I perceive my neighbour and the whole circle of people in the movement? There are no prerequisites you need. You just have to enjoy the movement. The eurythmist leads in a humorous and loving way, the joint action, everyone can join.


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