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Journaling / Art therapy taster course

with Bettina Klimpel

Dates: 30.08. / 06.09. / 13.09/ 20.09. / 17.09.21

The world presents itself with its colours, light and darkness, lightness and heaviness, in all its infinitely rich forms and movements. In art therapy, our creative activities bring us into contact with our self-healing forces to reestablish a living harmony from what may have come out of balance within us. So, we make use of the gifts of nature - these are our working materials. When we paint, the colours speak directly to our souls, satisfying us, enlivening us, and filling us with new motivation. The rhythms of our lives put us into the world of light and darkness (daylight and night). By drawing light and dark, we are aiming at a balance of these polarities. So, what we do has an effect on our healing powers. Our bodies lead us into lightness and heaviness, creating a tension. In 3-dimensional art (modelling) we immerse ourselves deeply into the forces creating such a field of tension. In art therapy buried or blocked forces may again be released in us, we may connect to these energy worlds by painting, drawing and modelling. We will renew our creative powers and activate our inner energies for healing.

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