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Cultural Programme Week 27

Dear friends of culture at the Centro,

...and at the Finca! Because that's where we spent and celebrated the St. John's fire.

Angelika Steinle gave us an introduction to the meaning of this special time of the year in the Finca hall, beautiful crystals decorated the table and we had a look on at Rudolf Steiner's Imagination of St. John. 

The time of the summer solstice is associated with various customs in different places, but they all seem to have one thing in common: it is a turning point, a time of year that provides an opportunity to create space for something new. In Spain, the night of 23-24 June is considered to be magical. The fire that is lit here burns away the old. Shadows that we want to let go. Sometimes "real", valuable objects also find their way into the flames. A photo, a piece of clothing.... Walking three times around the fire, each turn carrying a wish, makes them come true. An evening swim in the sea, river or lake has a cleansing and renewing effect. And so there are many other customs. 

The children, at least at the Finca collected herbs and flowers. And according to local custom, they are then placed in water in a bowl under the open sky overnight to absorb the cosmic-magical energies that then prevail. The next morning, the first thing to do is to wash the face with the scented water. It revitalises, rejuvenates...

With a strong wind, our fire finally burned quickly and brightly, the written papers burned and we had a rich evening with onion cake and guitar sounds!

Warm greetings

Mikaela Nowak


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