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Cultural Programme Week 21

Dear friends, dear friends of culture at the Centro,

Today, after lunch, we took a walk to a mulberry tree not far from our house. It is probably the first of its kind here on the island to bear ripe, blackberry-like fruit so early in the year. Slightly darker than blood red, tending to purple as the juice is exposed to the air, it immediately shows the strength of its colour. Because, without exaggeration, it is an impossible task to finish the picking process with clean hands. Some fruits hang so tightly from the branch and are so ripe that they crush as soon as you pick them and the sweet, sticky juice runs down your hand to your elbow. Other fruits burst when you pick them up, leaving cheeky splashes on your face.

This red colour, which appears again and again on this island and wants to assert itself - in the fruits of the cactus, called higo picón here, in the cochineal, in the grape, but also in the iron-rich rock? Right here, on the island of contrasts... Thoughts that lingered...

Like thieves who could not have concealed their deed even from a distance, we walked home a little faster through the square with our sweet goods. And then, straight to the shower!

Happy Pentecost and have a nice weekend!

Mikaela Nowak


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