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We all know or can easily inform ourselves of the benefits that physical exercise, contact with nature and meditation have on our body and mind. We experience all this when we walk on paths. In addition to this already mentioned, when walking in the open air our mind goes through thousands of thoughts. All these thoughts have to do with us, our life, our feelings, our biography.

But what do we do with these thoughts, do we accept them, do we try to understand them, do we ask ourselves why do I have these thoughts and what for, do we give them a space of consciousness,...

Our biographical trails will be designed to not only walk and be in contact with nature, but also to benefit from all this to help us connect with our own biography and the deepest part of our being.

We will learn to observe/connect with nature and how it accompanies us on our own biographical path, recognizing and connecting our past experiences with the present and projecting them into the future.

This will help us to relate better to our own biography, to accept and understand it and to relate better to others.

We will carry out different exercises of meditation, concentration, crafts, painting and you will be accompanied by the biographer during the whole process from the beginning to the end.

The individual process and the freedom to express or not your experiences will always be respected.


  • Disconnect from our daily lives through physical exercise while making the path.

  • Oxygenating, mobilizing, stretching, in short reactivating and refining our body and our mind.

  • To connect with the energy that nature offers us and to be able to renew our energy through it.

  • Awareness of our physical, emotional, and spiritual biographical individuality.

  • To relate better to ourselves and to others.


These are routes that will run along paths and tracks with firm ground and can be done by all those people who do not require external physical support.

It is important not to forget that you have to walk, be active, want to get to know your surroundings and get your bearings (since in order to enter your own biography the necessary individual space will be respected).


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