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We will walk along routes each with different qualities that will help us disconnect from the mundane to connect with the deepest part of our being.
We will learn to observe/connect with nature and how it accompanies us on our own biographical path as well as providing us tools to return to the social in a more conscious way that will help us draw up our own Particular Biographical Map.
We live in society and in constant movement. Awareness of what tools I use for movement, how I use them, why I use them and what I use them for among others, such as when it is necessary to stop consciously, will help us to relate better with ourselves and with the other beings with whom we coexist.

Conscious biographical paths as an objective:

  • To disconnect from our daily life through physical exercise while walking the path, as well as to oxygenate, mobilize, stretch, in short to reactivate and refine our tool that allows us to carry out all our goals on Earth.

  • To connect with the energy that Nature offers us and to be able to renew ours through it.

  • To awaken awareness of our biographical individuality through an Archetypal Biographical Map and its Laws represented on the paths themselves in order to elaborate our own Biographical map.

These are routes that last a few hours but, you don't have to take too much logistics. We will inform you about the necessary material according to the time of the year, although in Lanzarote due to its climate it is essential to protect from the sun all year round.

Handicrafts for one's own use as a personal development tool during the trail, will be accompanied in the process of developing these tools.
We will use different materials for painting and modeling that will help us connect with our different biographical stages.
Meditations in different moments of the activity.

Guided paths through the archetypal biographical map and its laws.
Free paths to connect with your own Biographical Map.
Biographical thematic paths: Overcoming obstacles, Rhythms, Metamorphosis, Maturity, 3 Ways of personal growth (thinking, feeling, will), Past-Present-Future.

Search of the Balance through the Encounter with the Polarities, Crisis, The hidden gift of Stop Vs The importance of the Movement.

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