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Spend the winter in the sun!

We have special offers for long-term guests.

Spend the winter in our peaceful little oasis on the island of Lanzarote, with pleasant temperatures and plenty of light, fresh air and sun. Special offers for long-term guests:

  • 20% discount on the regular price from 4 weeks stay (minimum 28 nights)

  • 25% discount on the regular list price for a stay of 6 weeks or more (minimum 42 nights)

  • 30% discount on the regular list price for a stay of 8 weeks or more (minimum 56 nights)

  • 50% discount on the regular list price for a stay of 12 weeks or more (minimum 84 nights)

Offer conditions:

  • Period of validity: stays from 1 November 2020 to 30 September 2021

  • Valid for accommodation of all categories at the Centro or at the Finca Lomos Altos.

  • No intermediate cleaning in the accommodations. Final cleaning on departure included.

Information for guests who are in the home office: Each smartphone is also an LTE modem and WLAN hotspot. All smartphones have a WLAN function - and this can be used for both receiving and transmitting. The technology required for this is called tethering. Thanks to the abolition of EU roaming charges, this is now finally possible: With tethering, the data tariff of the smartphone is used and passed on to the notebook or tablet via WLAN or USB connection. In this way, the PC can access the Internet wherever there is mobile phone reception - regardless of whether you live and work in the Centro or on the finca, or whether you are sitting comfortably in a restaurant or on a quiet beach somewhere on the island. For this function, please check your contract and conditions with your mobile phone provider before you arrive. A free WLAN is available to our guests in the Centro. Although we have a fibre optic connection with a fast data link in the Centro, we do not always get the capacity we pay for. Alternatively, a LAN cable is available in the community room, which you can connect to your laptop.


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