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Painting and experimenting in the volcanic landscape.
Conscious experience of the volcanic landscape.

Once a week with Bettina Cieslinski


Car not necessary (carpool, 15 min. driving time)
Also suitable for beginners

If you are planning a small excursion and don't know where to go, not alone or in a large group, you can find the right thing here.

The abandoned winery grounds with the landscaped garden and irrigation systems, and the old winery walls, embedded in the vast, wild volcanic landscape, are an inspiring place.
Equipped with watercolours, painting boards, paper and stools, you will find leisure and approach the island and your own perception with brush and paint.

You will find your brushstrokes on your own or let Bettina guide and advise you on the choice of motif and execution. The watercolour paper creates wonderful snapshots that accompany you throughout the year.

The "Motivort" is not far from the car park.

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