Supersensible Perception of Nature in Lanzarote
with Frank and Inessa Burdich


Seminar in English: from  November 7 to November 12, 2021 (PDF - Flyer English)
Seminar in German: from October 31 to November 5, 2021 (PDF - Flyer German)

Program in English:


On demand a trip can be made to observe supersensible remarkable places on the Island..


Sunday 7th November
Supersensible Perception and its Preliminary Stages

The capacity for supersensible perception can be attained through an individual, personal path of development. At any point in time you are much closer to supersensible perception than you may think.
Possibilities for attaining access to perception of the supersensible are presented in the lecture, and connections with current spiritual research are made. Questions from the audience arising from the lecture can be addressed in depth in a question and answer session.


Monday 8th November to Friday 12th November 10:30 - 13:30h
Workshop with Frank and Inessa Burdich

A practice-based workshop for the development of etheric and astral perception.
Although everyone more or less has the ability to perceive etheric and astral forces, most people are not aware of this ability. This workshop will provide the opportunity for participants to broaden and deepen their capacities.
The workshop will take place mainly in nature and will focus on practical exercises that can lead to the perception of supersensible forces and beings.
The workshop is suitable for people with no previous as well for people who have some experience but are hesitant about their capacities and would like to develop them further.


Tuesday 9th November
Working Together With Elemental Beings; Atlantis-Lanzarote-Today

Reading about elemental beings can leave an abstract impression at first. This lecture imparts a basic understanding of this field and presents possibilities for the perception of these beings. Using current examples from supersensible research, possibilities for working together with these beings, and thus for mutual, conscious development, are shown. Specifically considered is the development of the elemental beings on Lanzarote from the Atlantis-Time up to today.


Thursday 11th November
Cancer and Cancer Treatment Out of a Supersensible View

Out of the angle of concrete supersensible research the signature of cancer is explained as well as possible reasons for its appearance because of biographical incidents. With a focus on mistletoe-therapy possible ways of therapy are explained.

Monday 8th November to Thursday 11th November 2019
Private Consultations




Frank Burdich:
is 53 years old and had been a science teacher in a German Waldorf school for 14 years. Frank also has the ability to perceive etheric, astral and spiritual forces and beings using Imaginative and Inspirative cognition. He is now working as a spiritual researcher in a variety of contexts, including food production processes, medicinal preparation, quality testing, eurythmy, coaching, company counselling, etc.
He gives workshops and seminars on supersensible perception in a number of countries.
He has been the director of the Society for Applied Spiritual Research Ltd. (Gesellschaft für angewandte Geistesforschung mbH) On his journey he has found it important to validate his own spiritual experiences and is now able to help others to develop their capacities, which is his motivation for offering courses like this.


Inessa Burdich
graduated as a physicist and then embarked on an international business career spanning two decades. She has practised active meditation for over 30 years. She gained her MSc in the UK and now lives in Germany. Along with her husband she founded the research company named Applied Spiritual Research which offers supersensible research in different fields.
Main domains of activity are:
1. Supersensible research in the development and production of mistletoe-based remedies. Inessa’s main focus of research is investigating the supersensible sources that lie behind illnesses, especially oncological and psychiatric illnesses (including addictions), autistic-spectrum conditions, vaccinations, infections, and also the human endocrine, lymphatic and immune systems.  
2. Counselling organisations and individuals, carrying out spiritual audit of buildings and places.
3. Workshops and talks on research in spiritual science and on methods of supersensible perception and their applications.

About Frank and Inessa Burdich:
science teacher in a German Waldorf school for 14 years.
Frank and Inessa developed their capacity for imaginative and inspirative cognition by following the meditative path and exercises given by Rudolf Steiner.
They are working as spiritual researchers in the Society for Applied Spiritual Research Ltd, Germany, which provides supersensible perception as a service in a variety of contexts, including supersensible research of the production of medicines, of mistletoe based remedies, of cancer and psychosomatic diseases, of diseases of the special needs spectrum, as well as a counselling for companies and organisations, the spiritual audit of buildings and places, private consultations, workshops and talks on meditation and spiritual research, on methods of supersensible perception and their application.


Interview, published in the Goetheanum on 03.04.2018: PDF

Interview, published in the VORHANG AUF in edition 112: PDF

Interview, published in the VORHANG AUF in edition 113: PDF


Below is a YouTube video with an interview with Frank Burdich. In this video, Mr. Burdich reports extensively on biographical and various research areas (cancer research Karma, mobile communications, seminars):