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The therapy house will only be able to offer individual therapies from the end of February 2021, as the doctor's practice will then have to be closed for the time being. Doctor Butin will go into retirement. We are still looking for a successor.



Rudolf Steiner wrote about Anthroposophic Medicine : “We do not mean to oppose scientific methods approved in medicine of our time. (…) Instead we add (…) further perceptions found by other methods. So, from an enlarged recognition of the world and man, we feel obliged to work towards broadening the medical art of healing.” (Rudolf Steiner & Ita Wegman:  Fundamentals of Therapy, 1925)

Anthroposophic Medicine sees itself as an enlargement of academic medicine, not an alternative. Aside from the corporal plane, adding its own methods in diagnostic and therapy, it takes into account other dimensions of our being, too: the plane of life, the plane of the soul, and the plane of the spirit, as they express themselves in good health and illness.

Since man is a creature within nature, too, so special prepared remedies from varying realms of nature are used. Together with all the spectrum of physiotherapy, Rhythmical Massage, Curative Eurythmy, artistic therapies, and counselling, man is adressed in varied planes of his being. Broadening conventional therapies, which are often about “reparing”, man's self-healing forces are stimulated in the first place, since all of us carry them within ourselves.

From the first consultation on, and after examinations as needs be, the doctor will look together with the patient where therapies may be required and how they can be realized.



Nikolaus Butin: Doctor of internal medicine, anthroposophical doctor


In February 2014, Dr. Nikolaus Butin, a doctor for internal medicine and long-standing family doctor in Hamburg, took over the direction of our therapy house. After almost 20 years of working as a general practitioner in Hamburg, I am looking forward to the new task in the therapy house of the Centro de Terapia Antroposófica on Lanzarote.

After studying medicine, I did my community service at the Filderklinik near Stuttgart - in both areas as a doctor and as a nurse. This is how I got to know practical anthroposophical medicine. Later I worked as an assistant in the Öschelbronn Clinic near Pforzheim, where I also experienced eurythmy therapy and artistic therapies more intensively.

This was followed by the Anthroposophical Study Seminar in Stuttgart and one year of eurythmy studies in Hamburg. After 2 further doctor's stations in conventional medical hospitals with a degree in internal medicine, I then established myself as a general practitioner.

With this new task I want to connect more with other therapists in the common work.

As a teenager I lived in South America for a while due to my father's professional activities and since then I have an inner relationship with this continent. With the work on Lanzarote, I will have a new and completely different encounter with this language and this Spanish-Latin American life in the second half of my life.


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