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Rhythmical Massage
Rhythmical Embrocations

Rhythmical Massage according to Ita Wegman, and Rhythmical Embrocations are therapeutic forms of Anthroposophic Medicine.

Any form of life lives by rhythms. Qualitative touching techniques work directly on man's life forces, which express themselves as regeneration and renewal forces within us. Rhythmic compressing and releasing produces a suction effect which stimulates liquid flows in the organism. Kneading and fulling may work deeply in the muscles.

Such differentiated touch permits to work either in a streaming or a warming way, draining or forming, as required by the illness. So patients with acute or chronic illnesses, with inflammations or maladies tending to hardening, may be treated.

In the course of therapy organ embrocations may be considered, which will work even more specifically on certain processes.

Thinking of Salutogenesis, to keep you healthy, rhythmical massages and embrocations can be useful, too, since our way of life afflicts our inner rhythms more and more.

With Rhythmic Embrocations the therapist works rather in a planar way, ensheathing and warming. We also offer a special form, embrocation of the whole body, used with deep exhaustion e.g..  
While stimulating life forces, this treatment may reach as far as the soul, for instance with psycho-vegetative exhaustion, burn-out, and depression.

With massage and embrocations natural oils are employed, chosen according to the disease pattern, and will assist the therapeutic process substancially.

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