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"You won't walk through the maze to get lost, you'll walk through it to find yourself."

A maze is a geometric form to be walked through in meditation. The geometrical forms, as well as the energies that are manifested in them or through them, are outside of man and in man in the sense that he can perceive them.

Some geometrical forms have a deep meaning to which our consciousness reacts even when we are not aware of the deep meaning of that form.

The energetic contribution of the pentagon for example can be summarized by saying that it raises the vibration of the being by enhancing knowledge, wisdom and diligence.


Studies by Harvard Medical School's Mind/Body Medical Institute led by Dr. Herbert Benson and Massachusetts General Hospital have established that focused meditation when walking a labyrinth produces the following benefits:


  • Increased power of concentration

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Reduces insomnia

  • Reduces blood pressure and breathing rate

  • Reduces incidences of chronic pain

  • Sense of control and efficiency

  • It triggers the "Relaxation Response"


And The Labyrinth Society adds that their practice enhances right brain activity with the following benefits:

  • Problem solving and conflict resolution skills

  • Better stress management

  • Development of creative thinking

  • Induces a state of relaxation

Labyrinths have often symbolized a challenge that leads to a goal, hence their spiritual significance in many cultures. They have been used in ceremonies, rituals, dances, etc.

In our labyrinth we will walk through it in a conscious and mediated attitude in order to connect with ourselves and our own labyrinth of life.

For more information you can visitThe Labyrinth Society
, the most recognized organization on the subject today.

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