Seminar in spanish language


Alone, in couple, group or family, for a DIGITAL DETOX we propose you:


➔ Disconnect the mind and connect with yourself and nature.
➔ Generate awareness about the use of technology and the impact it has on our lives.
➔ Revitalize the planet by planting trees, organic food, aromatic plants and edible flowers.


How can we disconnect when we feel the demand to be online 24 hours a day, when everything is "urgent"?
When we use, ironically, the mobile phone, the computer or Netflix to "disconnect"?


The first step to take, paradoxically, is to stop. To stop does not mean inactivity, but the cessation of an action. In this case, our way of relating to technology.
It is about stopping in order to be able to really observe and choose freely and consciously what form of life we really want for ourselves.
The big question is... how do we stop?


In DIGITAL DETOX we believe that there are several ways to do it, although we are mainly based on one: nature.
➔ Participate in the garden: disconnect by tilling the soil, enjoy planting vegetables, plants and flowers, and connect through irrigation.
➔ Enjoy Walks around the Finca.
➔ Connect with yourself through our path of the 12 senses!
➔ Contemplate nature: nothing more, nothing less...
➔ Leave Your Green Footprint: Come and plant your tree in the world.


09.00 - 09.30 hs: - Introduction to the programme - Technology Virtues and shortcomings
09.30 - 11.00 hs: - Let's get to work: Create a vegetable patch.
11.00  - 11.30 hs: - Break
11.30 - 12.00 hs: - Contemplate nature - guided observation
12.00  - 13.00 hs:- Your Green Footprint: Plant your tree
Night activity seeing beyond ... contemplate the stars.

9:00  - 9:30 hs: - Technology: where we're going
09.30  - 11.00 hs: - Our Roots: planting and watering vegetables, plants and flowers.
11.00  - 11.30 hs: - Break
11.30 – 13:00 hs- Path of the 12 senses.

Cost of the program:
- One person 80 €
- Two people 140 €
- Group (up to 4 people)  200 €
- Group (+4 people) 25 € per person

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