The Dynamics of the 5 Platonic Solids

Three-day workshop with Annegret von Pusch


For more than 3000 years humans have been intrigued with the 5 Platonic bodies. Plato was the first to relate their shape and energetic power to both the four elements of


Earth, Water, Air and Fire and to the Spirit.


Their crystal clarity astonishes us, and their regularity reminds us of ancient laws working in nature since the beginning of time. Crystals and stones will show us the Platonic Solids in most varying design.

We shall approach their power and dynamics by modelling them in Clay. The Platonic Solids will come into being through our hands, allowing us to experience their forming forces within ourselves.

Scheduled seminar dates:

02.12. - 04.12.2021
24.02. - 26.02.2022
26.05. - 28.05.2022
21.07. - 23.07.2022
08.09. - 10.09.2022

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