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Mucuna Pruriens - Indian medicinal plant, a natural source of levodopa that can be very helpful in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. It can be tried out during the seminar.





Seminar in German


10 - 16 October 2021

Together with Dr. med. Siegward Elsas, neurologist at the Arlesheim Clinic, who is especially researching the effects of the medicinal plant Mucuna Pruriens, we are pleased to offer the first seminar for people affected by M. Parkinson's disease, relatives and all those interested here in our Centro on Lanzarote. In addition to the seminar contents, in which, for example, news from research is conveyed, the seminar is also to be used to explore the volcanic island and experience relaxing moments. It is up to you whether you find these moments during a treatment of your choice in our therapy house or while sunbathing at our pool.

Please have a look at the detailed programme of the Parkinson Seminar:

The seminar will be held in German:


Dr. Siegward-M. Elsas,
Specialist in neurology and clinical neurophysiology. Studied medicine at the University of Witten-Herdecke with special interest in Goethean science. Afterwards research in neuroscience at the University of California Berkeley and San Francisco, specialist training at the University of California Los Angeles. From 2002 to 2010 Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland Oregon. Research on the natural treatment of epilepsy. 2011 Further training in anthroposophical psychiatry (Friedrich-Husemann Clinic), since 2012 at the Ita Wegman Clinic / Arlesheim Clinic leading neurologist and research on Mucuna pruriens as a cure for M. Parkinson.

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