Special offers for long-term stays

Give yourself a longer break in our small, quiet oasis on the island of Lanzarote with pleasant temperatures and plenty of light, air and sunshine in the spring of Lanzarote, far away from the cold and the increasingly oppressive atmosphere.

The landscape is now, already in January, a sea of colours. Every ray of light and every spectacle of colour provokes new impressions and moments. Everything is in bloom: marigolds, daisies, fennel, chickweed, lavender and much more. Temperatures now rise in January to 24 degrees Celsius during the day and hover around 17 degrees Celsius at night.

So that you can also enjoy the very special beauty of the island for a longer period of time, we have especially favourable offers for long term stays at the Centre and whoever wants to can also stay active in the home office.

Example of prices:

Season 2 until 1 May 2021 for a one bedroom flat in the Centre.

4 weeks:

1 person 336€ / per week

2 persons 448€ / per week

6 weeks:

1 person 315€ / per week

2 persons 420€ / per week

8 weeks:

1 person 294€ / per week

2 persons 392€ / per week

12 weeks:

1 person 210€ / per week

2 persons 280€ / per week

Offers for long-term stays are valid until 30 September 2021. In summer (season 1), from 1 May onwards, the weekly prices are even cheaper than those mentioned above.

Full information on the long-term offers can be found under the following link:


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