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Our Bistro/Café TAMARINDOS is looking for: A new team!

Made up of people who not only focus on good service, quality food and work closely with the Centro team, but are also visionaries!

Our bistro/café is integrated into an ApartHotel - an oasis of peace in Puerto del Carmen - which focuses on sustainability and naturalness, and is looking for people with ideas, motivation, team spirit and, of course, culinary skills from July 2023!

The kitchen is very large, well equipped and will be renovated in advance, so you may even have the opportunity to participate in the design!

We are very interested in a good cooperation, also in connection with our biodynamic finca, the organic grocery shop and our cultural events, and offer attractive conditions with low risk for your new start.

Has your interest been awakened?

Then contact: Mikaela Nowak - - 608 949 976


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