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Vacation programs for and with people in need of assistance by 2020

We offer a program adapted to the needs and interests of small groups and individuals,

specially designed and accompanied by a German-, Spanish- and English-speaking social worker.

In addition to the cultural, therapeutic and artistic offers of the Centro, we have created, always in collaboration with you, a holiday programme integrating visits to the sites created by César Manrique, volcano tours, sea views from wheelchair accessible beaches, visits to colorful craft markets or the enjoyment of tapas in a typical fishing village.

Also boat trips, camel rides, visits to a bodega, a cheese dairy or even our Finca with its biodynamic crops can be part of your package. If you wish to make excursions, we offer you the possibility of renting a car, which we will gladly take care of for you.

Holiday programs can be configured for half or full day. If you wish, we also offer individual assistance on an hourly basis to relieve people who are accompanying someone with special needs. Feel free to contact us without any obligation to let us know your questions or expectations and to get your personal quote.

Here is an example of what a five-day, full-time program for an active group might look like. Time or days off can always be integrated.

Day 1

At the Centro:
Morning Greeting and Breakfast
Island presentation - where are we?

Excursion with refreshments:
Timanfaya National Park

At the Centro:
Painting with sand
Dinner and farewell to the day with a story

Day 2

At the Centro:
Morning Greeting to the day

Craft market in Haría
Lunch with sea view
Visit to the Mirador del Rio

At the Centro:
Dinner - farewell to the day and singing in chorus

Day 3

At the Centro:
Morning Greetings and Breakfast
Visit of the Finca and gardening

Go see/touch/ride camels
Enjoy the sunset

At the Centro:
Dinner and Sound Theatre

Day 4

At the Centro:
Morning Greeting and Breakfast

Excursion with refreshments:
Cactus Garden and Cochinilla Museum

At the Centro:
Dinner and farewell to the day with a retrospective journaling by painting/pasteting/writing
Painting with cochinilla

Day 5

At the Centro:
Morning Greeting and Breakfast

Excursion with refreshments:
Visit of Jaméos del Agua
White Caletón with option to swim

At the Centro:
Dinner and farewell to the day with a retrospective journaling by painting/pasteting/writing

Price of this example for a 7-day stay:

For people who need support and their companions (Example of the price for a group of 10 people)

7-day stay at the Centro, incl. accommodation, half board, cultural offers accompanied by specialists and cultural offers and excursions, accompanied by a social pedagogue and other extras (refreshments).

Price for 1 person (from a group of minimum 10 people):

With accommodation in a one-bedroom apartment, using all the offers in the example: 575,50 € week

Details can be found in the PDF of this offer, which specifies the prices, even with an occupancy of more than 1 person per apartment.

This offer is a non-binding example. An exact offer can only be made after consultation and agreement on the specific wishes of the interested party. Please contact our coordinator Mikaela Nowak by email::

Centro Antroposofico - Mikaela Nowak.jpg

Your coordinator is Mikaela Nowak:
Mikaela Nowak was born in 1985 in Sucre, Bolivia. At the age of 6 she moved with her family to Germany where she lived in the North, East and South. In between she spent three years of her youth in Cameroon. Mikaela studied social work and gained experience by doing an internship with women´s work in Bolivia, in a psychiatric center in Stuttgart, as a volunteer with homeless people in Andalusia and partly with people with special needs in the Tennental, an anthroposophical community. It is here that interest in anthroposophy was awakened. Mikaela was able to gain work experience in intercultural work with a school exchange organization (Humboldteum) in the city of Stuttgart. While waiting for the first of her two children, Mikaela decided to make Lanzarote her home five years ago. Here she did a training in Waldorf Children's Pedagogy. Continuing on this path, Mikaela invites us to share experiences in this beautiful island with the program mentioned above.
Under the heading "Holiday offer for social therapy" you can contact her directly via:

Centro Antroposofico - Barbara Wiesner.j

This programme will be offered by the cultural sector of the Centro Antroposófico and accompanied by Barbara Wiesner:
Barbara Wiesner was born in 1957 in Erlangen/Germany. From 1977 to 2015 she worked as a social pedagogue and teacher in anthroposophical adult education, as well as a supervisor in anthroposophical therapeutic pedagogy and social therapy in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. She then emigrated to Lanzarote in 2016 where she took over the management (and from 2018 the co-management) of the cultural sector of the Centro Antroposófico.
Within the framework of the programme described above, she offers and leads various activities such as group singing, Sunday conversations on various topics such as the seasons, the virtues in the months of the year such as patience, courage, kindness, compassion, love in living together and much more.
Her great desire is to make the profound human aspects on which Anthroposophy is based accessible to all, also in a verbal form accessible to people in need of assistance, making them understandable in our present time.

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