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Movimiento y Relajación para niñ

Movement and Relaxation for children with Marta


Conscious movement is an ideal complement to children's physical, mental and emotional development. Through movement, breathing and meditation they will learn tools that will help them in their daily life and school, learning to overcome the difficulties they face, transforming them into opportunities for more positive changes and for the personal growth and development of each one.

Through play, we will become more aware of our external world, while discovering our inner world, which will open the doors to our emotions, perceptions and thoughts. When we work from within, we can work on our individual transformation, to achieve global change from here.

We will strengthen body and mind, learn relaxation exercises to obtain inner calm, acquire self-control capacities over themselves, increase their self-esteem and inner strength, and improve skills such as concentration and attention.

Every Monday from 4:30 pm to 5:45 pm

Children from 4 to 10 years old

In the hall of the Finca "Lomos Altos" in Macher

30 euros per month

Guests of the center are also welcome to join individual classes.

Feel free to contact me, Marta Molinera: 662 232 851

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