Continous Workshops (only in Spanish)

Together we will go through experiential workshops to accompany the learning towards your care.
Introductory talk - free entrance
Take care of yourself to give yourself to the world workshop: 10:00 to 12:00


To take care of ourselves means to become aware of and responsible for ourselves; for our body, our emotions and our thoughts.

When we decide to take care of ourselves, we obtain a key that opens the possibility of improving the quality of life, our relationships and the environment in which we live.


What we seek with these experiences is:


  • To facilitate the inner awakening of the importance of our own care, not only on an individual level, but also on a social level, produces the impulse for change.

  • To become aware of the importance of taking care of our physical body, our emotions and our thoughts, is the objective.To accompany the process of healthy changes in daily habits.

  • To identify what prevents us from taking control of our care.

  • To promote the encounter with oneself, with the care of others and therefore with the environment... with life itself...


Throughout the year, different workshops are held, taking into account the human being from his physical body, his emotions and his thinking.

Every Thursday there is an introductory talk of half an hour (at the moment in Spanish):



What is care and what is caring for us?


The workshops will be given in three large blocks, but each workshop can be done separately, choosing the topic that resonates most or is most needed.


  • Physical Care during September, October and November.

  • Emotional Care during January, February and March.

  • Thinking Care during April, May and June   >>>    Canceled. A new date will be announced as soon as possible.


Taking care of the physical body:


Thursday, October 17: The importance for us and for the world to take care of our physical body.

Thursday, October 31st: The rhythm of our organs to get us to know a little more.

Thursday, November 14th: Nutrition.

Thursday, November 28th: The Importance of movement in our care.

How our physical care affects social and environmental aspects.


Taking care of the emotions:


Thursday, January 9th: Approaching our emotions through self-care.

Tuesday 11th February: How do emotions affect our health and care? Emotions as an internal indicator. Deepening and recognizing our emotions. The importance of self-observation in self-care.

Thursday 27th February: Learning to channel our emotions.

Thursday, March 5: The art of caring for our emotions.

Thursday, March 19: How our physical care affects the social and the environment.



Taking care of thinking:


Thursday, April 2: How our thinking affects our health and care.

Thursday, April 23: Recognizing our thoughts. Self-listening and self-observation of our thoughts.

Thursday, May 7: Working our thoughts for our care.

Thursday, May 21: From rational thinking to thinking in images

Thursday June 4th: Music in the care of our thinking.

Thursday 18 June: How the care of our thinking about the social and the environment affects us.



Cost of each workshop: 20 € (except the introductory talk which will be free) - 50 % residents of Lanzarote
Contact telephone: 034 - 659865806 - Arantza


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