The Art of Self-Caring

Seminar in spanish language

 "The secret isn't to run after the butterflies, it's to tend the garden so they come to you."

Work, children, home, stress, the rush of everyday life, meeting the demands of the world around us...

And where does that leave us?

We carry so much on our shoulders that we forget to take care of ourselves. We move away from our essence in a subtle but continuous way, producing an ever-widening gap between who we really are and what we are on a daily basis.
We can feel that we are stagnant, that we are not advancing in our life, and the only thing we need is to stop, look at ourselves, reconnect with our care, and thus be able to give the best of ourselves.

That is why we propose a vacation to take care of you, to reconnect with the most important thing in your life; YOU


Why do we have such a hard time taking care of ourselves?

Taking care of oneself is an art. It's not a method, or a form. It's about finding your own formula through your own self-knowledge.
We can work, or improve our self-care, through food, sport, cultural activities, etc... but if we do all this without an awareness of our true self, we will be left with only one method which will have an expiration date. Life will propose new challenges where it is essential to cross the threshold, to acquire new tools that we can only achieve with the continuous conscious self-care.
Today, we lose so much notion of our lack of care that we do not even know when we stop taking care of ourselves. Maybe we never did because we never knew, because nobody taught us how to do it. And one day, maybe just like that, we realize that if we don't take care of ourselves, how to take care of ourselves, nothing in our life will have any meaning. We will walk around lost because we don't get to what we need to do, we are not with the people we want to be with or the way we want to be. We stop thinking clearly, we get lost without knowing very well what we feel and we don't do what we really want to do. One day we will even start to lose interest in what we used to be passionate about, feeling that life has lost its meaning.
If we do not give the importance, awareness and responsibility it deserves to our self-care, we will move away from our true self and what we really came to do in this life.
When we realize that it is essential, vital, to take care of ourselves, the question that arises is: how or where can I begin to take care of myself in a conscious way?


What do we offer you?

We propose a vacation where you reconnect with your physical, mental and spiritual care. Go to the center, to your interior, not to stay there, but to understand what happens there, to make determinations and then to be able to go back to the world in a healthier way.
In a space where you will be in contact with yourself and with nature, from the Centro Antroposófico, we will create and facilitate what is necessary to reconnect with your self-care.
We offer you a holiday where the important thing is you.

How are we going to do it?

Mostly we will:

  • Accompanying individuals or groups in their search for inner peace through their own care.

  • Facilitating resources, time and space for the search of oneself and self-care.

  • Facilitating different activities where the contact with their own being is experienced and lived,    being able to take decisions and actions about their care.


How will we do this?

Through different workshops, which promote the internal interest to investigate, grow and develop both individually and socially, being the thread the self-care.


Model weekend proposal.
(Activities may vary depending also on the needs of the person or groups)




  • Guests will arrive on a Friday before 12:00 noon.

  • Guests will be welcomed upon arrival at the Biodynamic Finca, waiting for them at the entrance after the parking lot, and accompanying them to the apartments where they will be staying. Once in the apartment, they will be offered some attention (a freshly squeezed juice and some fruits from the finca itself, along with a welcome card). In addition to a healthy recipe with products from the finca to make a dish for lunch.

  • At 5:00 pm, you will be received in the hall to welcome you, comment on the methodology and give a short talk on the importance of becoming aware of our own care. We will close with a guided relaxation and later some Steiner's appointment, being the expected time at 19:30 hours.

  • Afterwards, you can go to your apartments, offering another healthy recipe of dinner suggestion for that night, as well as a recommendation of meditation to take to sleep.


SATURDAY (2.5 + 1.5)


  • At 9:30 hrs we´ll share what the evening meditation brought them.

  • At 10:15 hrs participants will be suggested to walk around the farm, thanking the land, the products they enjoyed the day before and that they will continue to enjoy during the weekend. It is preferable that they go barefoot and can feel the earth under their feet and be aware of the different sensations and messages that Mother Earth wants to transmit to us.

  • At 11:00 hrs, mid-morning snack.

  • At 12:00 hrs, departure for the Tamarindos apartments and enjoy the swimming pool.

  • At 13:30 hrs, lunch

  • At 16:30 hrs, meeting in the hall - collect what has been discovered in relation to your own care.

  • At 17:00 hrs, laughter therapy session. Connect with laughter as a vehicle for self-care.

  • 20:30 hrs, Meeting in the room, where each person will bring something that they have previously cooked, in a conscious way, with the products of the Finca, for the others.

  • Guests will be dismissed until the next day, making the proposal that they observe the stars at night and go to bed with this vision resonating in their souls.



  •  At 9:00 hrs. Stargazing resonance.
  •  At 9:45 hrs. Drawing on kraft paper.
  •  At 10:30 hrs. Resonance of the experience.

  •  At 12:00 hrs. Resonance of the weekend and closing.


Cost of the program:
One person: 100 Euros.
Two people: 180 Euros.
Groups up to 4 people: 250 Euros.
Groups of more than 4 people: 50 Euros per person.



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